Tuesday, November 1, 2011

501 x 501c3

It's official. Well, almost. 
Our 501c3 paperwork is signed, sealed and will be sent to the IRS via FedEx this week. Many thanks to the law firm of Evans Petree for providing their services to make this happen.

To mark this milestone, we are launching the "501 x 501c3" campaign today. Our newest goal is to collect 501 gift cards by the time our 501c3 status is granted. That might be next month. It might take several months. Crazy idea?!? Yes, but in a bold and wonderful way.

So tell your friends, ask your church group, find out if your office or children's school is looking for a community service project for the upcoming holiday season. Gift card donations can also be made in honor of loved ones as Christmas gifts, and CCX will gladly send acknowledgement cards. 

Our hope is, through this effort, we will increase the inventory of gift cards on hand so that we can focus more on giving to people dealing with cancer in 2012. "People are good."

Overwhelmed with gratitude,
Emily Tickle Thomas