Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today The Cancer Card Xchange is putting its 175th gift in the mail. The 175th gift we have made since June 2011. Every gift we have sent, every single person's day we have brightened in this past year, is special. But this 175th gift has just a bit more significance.

I mentioned to a friend yesterday morning that we had mailed out our 174th gift this week and that I couldn't help wonder who would be put in our path for the next one, the milestone 175th gift. Just a few hours later, I got a text from my dear friend Dawn about a woman she works with whose husband has bladder cancer. That is what makes today more special.

Dawn's husband (and our friend) Jeff died May 18, 2011 after a long fight against bladder cancer.  You can read more about his inspiration for CCX here. This 175th referral just so happens to have bladder cancer and just so happens to have the very same wonderful doctors who worked to treat Jeff and who walked alongside Dawn and their children as they went through cancer with Jeff. This 175th referral also just so happens to live right across town from my family.

Today, as we mail this 175th gift to brighten the day of someone with cancer, is a special day!

"People are good," Jeff Hawkins always said.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, 
Emily Tickle Thomas