Friday, June 1, 2012

One Year

One year ago, I started The Cancer Card Xchange. I didn't have a plan or a mission statement or a team of advisors. I simply had a feeling that there were people like me who had been blessed by the kindness of others who would, in turn, want to share that generosity. I simply had a feeling that there were people like me who had gotten that phone call ~ "You have cancer." ~ and felt their life stop for a moment, until their family and friends stepped in and helped carry them. I knew firsthand what the simplest gestures meant to me during the two years of checkups, scans and tests at MD Anderson in Texas hundreds of miles from home. And I knew I could do something.

In one year, The Cancer Card Xchange has sent more than $20,000 worth of gift cards to brighten the day of over 200 people with cancer all over the United States. 

To mark our one year anniversary, we don't have a big party planned or a special fundraiser to launch. I would like to simply say "Thank you" to everyone who has supported what we are doing and believed in the power of generosity and gratitude. Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate to CCX so that we can continue to brighten the day of people facing a cancer diagnosis.

"People are good."  - Jeff Hawkins

Overwhelmed with gratitude,
Emily Tickle Thomas