Friday, September 21, 2012

Dream Big: To The Moon

Obviously, MD Anderson Cancer Center is a special place to me personally. I have been under the care and watchful eye of Dr. Eduardo Diaz there since 2007. Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for a multitude of doctors, researchers and staff - 19,000 employees in all whose primary focus is to end cancer. 

MD Anderson is launching a bold journey to cure 6 major cancers: ovarian/breast, melanoma, prostate, lung, AML leukemia and CLL leukemia. From the MD Anderson Cancer Center site:



Inspired by America’s drive generations ago to put a man on the moon, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has launched an ambitious and comprehensive action plan, called the Moon Shots Program, to make a giant leap for patients – to dramatically accelerate the pace of converting scientific discoveries into clinical advances that reduce cancer deaths.
The nation’s No. 1 hospital for cancer care, with its unparalleled resources and capabilities, is uniquely positioned to accelerate the end of cancer. It’s closer than you think. What’s learned from these initial cancer “moon shots” will ultimately lead to cures for all types of the disease.