Monday, December 31, 2012

The Current Numbers

I am thrilled to announce (and grateful for my husband Joel's accounting skills) The Current Numbers for The Cancer Card Xchange.

Since beginning in June 2011, we have sent out 418 gifts totaling $45,525 in gift cards. In 2012 alone, we sent out 306 gifts filled with $33,830 of your gift card donations.

Overwhelmed with gratitude,
Emily Tickle Thomas

Friday, December 28, 2012

This Is Why

Dear Emily,

This is the first time I have a chance and THANK YOU for the gas cards you sent us. Jack and I were at Memorial Hospital all day 12/26 and 12/27 for more

Since I started the process of trying to find help with the upcoming gas expenses, YOU are the first person to step up and not talk about something
but put help in the mail. I have gotten a lot of no's - some even acting like I asking for a $10,000 check.

You are doing the Lord's Work, quickly, no hoops, just here's the help.

If there is anything, I mean anything, that I can do to help you, just write me.

Thank You and Happy New year from some fellow Tennesseans,

Mitch and Deanna Thurmer and Jack Dilbeck
(Jack says, if he could reach through this computer he would HUG YOUR NECK.)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good News

"What does CCX mean to me as a recipient? Hmm that's one to ponder, but not for too long. Shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer and starting the roller coaster of treatments, dr visits, family emotions and financial worries, it was a simple card from the CCX with a flurry of gift cards enclosed that brought a smile to my face and a few days of relief for my family & myself. We are still so grateful for those few days that we didn't have to worry about whether to buy gas or groceries. We were literally down to our last ten dollars, I had taken a leave of absence from work and had not yet received any disability payments. That day was a godsend to us, we filled up our gas tank and got some much needed groceries ~ and even a treat from Starbucks just because we could. Those gift cards may not mean much to the person who buys them for $10 or $15 at the time, but they meant the world to us. Each time I hit the grocery store now and see the bank of gift cards near the checkout I remember my vow, to return the favor when I am done with my cancer treatments and send gift cards to CCX for someone else. I know how much it means. We are truly grateful."
- Amy Pezzoli, CCX Recipient

"As a recipient, I can only tell you that for one night, my husband and I could have a nice dinner out, and not worry that we were spending $ that was needed for bills. Thank you so VERY much for taking our minds off the cancer battle."
- Andi Swatts, CCX Recipient

"When my mom was fighting her battle with small cell lung cancer, people would drop off meals, cakes or just little thoughts. It may not have seemed like a lot to the person at the time, but it always brightened our day. Put a smile on our face and eventually make us laugh. Much like my mother, I cannot make the cancer go away. But I can contribute gift cards and know that those gift cards are making someone smile. They are brightening their days!"
- Jeanne Ogden Cradic, CCX Donor

"The Cancer Card Xchange put a smile on my sister face. She was 32 years old and a mother of 5 beautiful kids in her final stages of Bile Duct Cancer. For a complete stranger to send her these gift cards was such a blessing. For that very moment she opened up the mail she forgot all about dying, the pain and the fight to stay alive that was ahead of her. Then she shifted her focus on fighting the cancer and shopping for her family. I Thank You So Much from the bottom of my heart."
- DeAnna Thurmond

" A warm hug from a stranger."
- Carla Burke, CCX Recipient

"It's a wonderful way to help anonymously and for people not to feel obliged to 'pay back', only pay it forward."
- Liberty Sanders Bain, CCX Donor