Thursday, January 24, 2013


In LESS THAN ONE MONTH, we have reached our goal in the Matching Campaign.

$2,000 in donations will be matched by our matching donors to brighten the day of people facing cancer.

People are good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oral Cancer Awareness

Please share with your family's dentist.
From the latest newletter from The Oral Cancer Foundation:

Join with The Oral Cancer Foundation this April in Honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month!
Did you know that the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer community is young, healthy non-smokers? It’s shocking but true. Exposure to the HPV-16 virus, the most commonly sexually transmitted virus, is now the leading cause of oral cancers in the U.S. There is nothing we can do to stop this virus from spreading; our only hope to save lives is with professional involvement and public awareness.
Approximately 42,000 Americans will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2013. When found early, oral cancers have an 80% survival rate. Unfortunately, the majority are found as late stage cancers, and this accounts for the very high death rate of about 45% at five years from diagnosis. It doesn’t have to be this way and it starts with YOU, the dental community, as the first line of defense through the process of early discovery. This is a great opportunity for your office to not only get involved with your community by doing a great service, but potentially to build your practice while positioning your office as one that is involved in saving lives.

How to get involved in Oral Cancer Awareness Month?
  • Pick one day, morning or afternoon to hold your free screening event in April. We ask that you choose a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Register your screening event on our website by clickingHERE. When your event goes live on our calendar you will be able to start promoting it easily with the Facebook, Twitter and email links provided.
  • Once you are registered, we will send you materials for your screening including; oral cancer brochures for patients, buttons and wristbands for your staff to wear, a press release that you can customize for your specific event, oral cancer fact sheet and oral cancer referral form as well as marketing tips to ensure a great turnout.
We want to make sure your event is successful. We have created a document with suggestions on how to market your event to ensure a great turnout, and get maximum visibility for your practice. It is key to take advantage of the suggestions we provide to get people to come into your office on screening day. We hope you will join thousands of practices nationwide in offering free screenings this April, and help OCF call attention to the need for early detection. By embracing opportunistic screening, you will help us dramatically reduce the mortality and morbidity of this deadly and disfiguring cancer. We can’t beat this disease without involved professionals who wish to make a difference in the world of oral cancer.
Please choose to partner with OCF in 2013, to not only build your practice but also change the direction of this disease.

The Oral Cancer Foundation
3419 Via Lido #205
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kick-Off 2013

What a Kick Off to 2013!

We have 4 generous donors who have each pledged to match donations up to $500. That is $2,000!

YES, any gift cards or money donated, will be matched up to a total of $2,000. Your $25 donation equals $50. Your $50 gift card, $100.

YES, when we collect $2,000 in donations, it will be matched for a grand total of $4,000.

YES, $4,000 is enough to make gifts to 40 people with cancer.

YES, people are good.

Overwhelmed with gratitude,
Emily T. Thomas

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year : A New Start

I could not think of a sweeter way to start 2013 than
this surprise that arrived in today's mail.

Thank you Kossuth, MS
 Class of 2020
5th Grade Girls !

Annie Rose, Chesne, Carley, Hadley, Arleigh, Mallory, 
Allie Grace, Carolyn, Megan, Paige, Annalee, Callie,
Regan, Lynleigh, Addie,
Kelsie, Marlee, Kynleigh, Destiney