Friday, October 3, 2014

"Unexpected kindness and generosity"

What a surprise to receive an email from a CCX recipient wanting to hold a gift card drive to help others. This letter will be going out soon to her and 3 of her co-workers' friends and family. The chain reaction of kindness continues to grow.

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People are good,
Emily Thomas


I am a breast cancer survivor and I would like to tell you about a nonprofit that helped me during my illness. 

The Cancer Card Xchange is a small 501c3 nonprofit in Tennessee that collects gift card donations and sends them to verified cancer patients, simply to brighten their day. Since 2011, CCX has sent over 1,000 people gifts totaling $100,000+ in gift cards. The Cancer Card Xchange depends 100% on donations. Please see their website and their Facebook page for more information.

My first meal out after surgery was paid for by a gift card from The Cancer Card Xchange. Had it not been for these gift cards sent to me, my family and I would have had soup and sandwiches. AGAIN!

For me, it wasn't just the free meal with the gift cards that got me out of the house. It was the unexpected kindness and generosity shown by strangers which reminded me that other people cared and understood what I was going through. I was not alone. It lifted my spirits and I decided to get out of my pajamas, eat a real meal and carry on! 

Since my diagnoses and treatment, three of my co-workers also have been recipients of gifts from The Cancer Card Xchange. Each one of us was touched by these gifts and felt truly grateful. We'd like to help others get that same feeling and you can help. We are holding a gift card drive for The Cancer Card Xchange.

Please help us brighten the day of others who are facing cancer.


Monday, September 8, 2014

New CCX Board Member

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Debbie Jones to our Board. 

Debbie is a graduate of Union University and has a MBA from Christian Brothers University. She worked in transportation for 14 years. 

She established a non-profit management consulting firm in 2002 after becoming a mom of four (including a set of triplets). 

Debbie currently works with the Financial Planners Association and Charter Financial Analysts chapters of Memphis. 

And she hates cancer.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Grant Awarded from Plough Foundation of Memphis

We are thrilled to announce 
that CCX has been awarded a 
$5,000 grant from the 

This generous grant will allow us to 
continue to brighten the day of 
people who are facing cancer.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

St. Agnes/ Christian Brothers High School Donation

Overwhelmed with gratitude for the 
Trap Shooting Teams of 
St. Agnes and Christian Brothers High School 
for collecting nearly $1,000 in gift cards 
to donate to CCX for a service project. 

Teens are good. 
And so is this lady, Andi Swatts, Trap Team Coach, 
past CCX Recipient/ current 
CCX Donor and Cheerleader.