Playing "The Cancer Card" by collecting and distributing gift cards to cancer patients – 6,368 gifts to date


By on Nov 17, 2017 in #GoodInTheWorld |

“Are you the Cancer Card Lady?”

That’s how I met my friend Ellen. We were both waiting in a church lobby for the polls to open. We started chatting. Then, I remembered I had seen her Facebook profile picture dozens of times when she Liked or commented on CCX posts. Ever since we have exchanged texts, had lunch, brainstormed ways to raise money for CCX. And all the while I didn’t know she has been facing cancer for 11 years. And I probably wouldn’t know it now if she hadn’t been in and out of the hospital lately. Her cancer is a part of her story, but it isn’t her whole story.

Well, Ellen just turned 60 and reminded me why I started this crazy little idea – The Cancer Card Xchange – 6 years ago when I turned 40. She asked her friends to donate gift cards and money for her to donate to us. In the midst of her treatment and illness, Ellen is thinking of ways to brighten the day of other people facing the same. Several hundred dollars later and people just like the two of us will have a brighter day soon.

With tears in my eyes, I am reminded that The Cancer Card Xchange is personal. Every single donation and every single gift is making a difference. If you are a part of that, thank you. And thank you, Ellen.


Overwhelmed with gratitude,

Emily Tickle Thomas, Founder and Executive Director