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Be The Good Bash Annual Fundraiser 2018

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Be The Good Bash Annual Fundraiser 2018 Total


A week ago, I said these words at our Be The Good Bash. And they couldn’t be more true today.

ALL OF YOU donated $21,523 to brighten the day of people who are facing cancer.

Overwhelmed with gratitude,
Emily Tickle Thomas, 
Founder and Executive Director


*Tonight isn’t about me, but it is personal to me. Since my initial diagnosis in 2007 to my last check up a couple of months ago, and all the people I care about, many in this room, who have been affected by cancer, it’s very personal.

We have given gifts to 3,313 people – over $300,000 in gift cards since 2011. Those are huge numbers, but that is personal too.

Cancer took 2 of those 3,000 people this year who were very dear to me. Andi was one of our very first recipients. She became my friend and a loyal supporter. Not only by donating, but encouraging others to support us also.

And Ellen, who even in the middle of chemo and radiation, asked for donations instead of gifts for her 60th birthday. I will always remember going to pick up the gift cards and telling her all about this party she was too sick to attend last year.

They are why we continue to do what we do. And we couldn’t do that without all of you.*

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