Playing "The Cancer Card" by collecting and distributing gift cards to cancer patients – 6,368 gifts to date

Frequently Asked Questions

By on Feb 14, 2020 in News |

How can I receive a gift?

To receive a one-time gift from The Cancer Card Xchange, fill out the Request Gift Card form fully. Every field must be completed. Provide a diagnosis verification image such as a letter from your doctor or social worker, your appointment schedule, etc. The verification must include your name.

Why aren’t you accepting new referrals?

The Cancer Card Xchange is a small nonprofit that depends 100% on donations to send gifts to cancer patients. Once our Patient Referral System contains 100 patients, we stop accepting new referrals. Once we clear our waiting list of patients, we will open up the Patient Referral System again.

How can I help?

Donate money or gift cards.

Please share the mission of The Cancer Card Xchange with your circle of contacts to increase donations.

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