Playing "The Cancer Card" by collecting and distributing gift cards to cancer patients – 6,368 gifts to date


Dana was a light.

By on Nov 22, 2021 in News |

What an honor to be recognized as part of the Courage Thru Cancer 2021 event! CTC strives to provide hope and inspiration to anyone facing cancer. Dana Davis Burkett was a light who faced cancer with courage and grace. She is missed by many. And her memory is a blessing to all who knew...

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CCX Milestone

By on Sep 20, 2021 in #GoodInTheWorld, News |

Today, we mailed gift cards to 21 people who are facing cancer. We are grateful to announce we have reached a milestone in our mission to brighten the day of cancer patients. To date, The Cancer Card Xchange has sent gifts to over 5,000 people with cancer – simply to brighten their day. The ripple effect of kindness and generosity continues to touch many...

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2011 – 2021

By on Jun 17, 2021 in News |

Ten years ago I asked for gift cards for my 40th birthday so I could send them to people facing cancer, simply to brighten their day. I collected $1,800 worth and The Cancer Card Xchange began. You may have heard my cancer story. If not, you can read about it HERE or HERE. The short version: While I was pregnant with our 4th son in 2007, I was diagnosed with oral...

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Good in the World

By on Nov 10, 2020 in News |

Since June 1, we have been quietly going about our business of spreading #goodintheworld. Our hope is that this effort, as always, has brightened the day of people facing cancer and lifted the spirits of their loved ones. In the past 5 months, we have mailed $20,000 worth of gift cards to 200 cancer patients all over the country. Since we began almost 10 years ago,...

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Frequently Asked Questions

By on Feb 14, 2020 in News |

How can I receive a gift? To receive a one-time gift from The Cancer Card Xchange, fill out the Request Gift Card form fully. Every field must be completed. Provide a diagnosis verification image such as a letter from your doctor or social worker, your appointment schedule, etc. The verification must include your name. Why aren’t you accepting new referrals? The...

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Be the Good WITHOUT the Bash

By on Sep 30, 2019 in News |

As of today, nearly $12,000 has been donated to brighten the day of people with cancer via our Be The Good WITHOUT the Bash efforts. These donations are already going out to people all over the country – 65 gifts in the last week! Thank you to every single person who has donated. And again, thank you to our Event Sponsors who never hesitated to honor their...

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